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Nice To Meet You!

Nice To Meet You Mobile App

Nice To Meet You!

    Have you ever met someone where you wanted to connect with them, but didn't want to give out your personal contact information? With this app, you can connect with people that you meet (face to face), communicate with them using IM (inside this app), and then decide - in the future - if you want to give them your contact information. We believe we've created the most private way to connect people!

    "Nice To Meet You!" is a smartphone app available for iPhone and Android smartphones. "Nice To Meet You!" allows you to connect with people, face to face, without the need to exchange personal contact information. Once connected, you will be able to see that person's first name, picture, where you met, and when you met. You then will be able to start an instant messaging conversation with them.

Try the app out and tell your friends! Let's show the world there's a better way to connect... a more private way!

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