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Have you heard of Club Eleven?

    Have you heard of Club Eleven?

    As you know we like to keep you ladies and gents up to date with what is a must know. So the other night I'm with some friends and we kicking back. Then someone suggest going to Club Eleven, heard the of the place but never went. Im going to cut to point and just be honest I was blown away by the upscale interior design.This isn't just some whole in the wall or a mom and pop bar its an legitimate upscale attraction to the Mason City,IA area. The bar was handled precisely and had a team of bar tenders that held their own with the high demand of drinks. That was a big plus to me and they had a good selection of drinks.
    Another perk was the lounge area so if your the dance floor type its even a lounge where you can enjoy the music and socialize comfortably thats what I call a good time. At the beginning I was a little skeptical, that was my fault I came with a opinon alreadybut clyb Eleven last me blown away I was stuck wondering is it going to be like this all night? Yes I wasn't wrong after a few drinks I was enjoying I even hit the dance floor,  now that was good night a upscale place and no worries of drama  so you can really enjoy.  I would recommend Eleven if your very in the northern IA and southern Minn area to really considered Club Eleven.

By The Owner of Eatingndastreets
Jovan Shabazz
Heres the location If you're ever in the area :


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