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Made In America : CanMaxx


       In a recent article we wrote to you about a company called CanMaxx and their unique innovative way of transforming how we recycle and separate trash. Now we want to get more in-depth  with the company and introduce you to the owner. Not your everyday suite and tie or your corporate vice president of a fortune 500 company. Nope just your normal hardworking father that took an idea and turned it into a company. This is a company built off the true american dream of having the freedom to create your own future or path. Thats what the company CanMaxx is about its not just a product, CanMaxx shows us a product made from the american opportunity.  I support this company and product CanMaxx you should really see what their all about.

CANMAXX | www.canmaxx.com 
Twitter | @IcanMax

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