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Picture a newly renovated home with a lakeside view fully furnished with the cleanest  white commodities on the market. A home just as luxurious is well within reach with the service Bennett Atherton Investments. BA Investment specializes in making focused real estate investments based on local market knowledge and a complete understanding of market trends. BA Investmentis made upon three will-decorated experts in different but essential fields. Charles Bennett, the CEO and founding partners a licensed real estate investor and realtor with many years of experience in flipping houses. Richard Atherton, finance and investment expert, is currently the Vice President for Convergent Capital carry the load of performing the different analyses for Investment Management.Last but certainly not least is Teri Bennet, a founding  partner and critically acclaimed design expert, brings the luxes yet homely design to good hands. The site is the best way to actually see these after photos of these projects, simple and easy for contacting BA Investments, and reviews from their past corporation for anybody looking for a great house for a reasonable price 

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Written By Terrance Jenkins 

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