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Biggrooove Records

Biggroove records Funky house volumes 1 + 2 is a representation their most popular dance tracks. It also has a mixture of funky originals by E-K-A, Indiscretion, Wolfclub and the Diamond Geezers. These tracks sound equally instrumentals, catchy themes.
Biggroove records is producer Ekow Armah's platform to introduce E-K-A, Indiscretion and Mr A to the music loving world, having written and produced all of the material. E-K-A and MR A represent the more commercial side of the label, Indiscretion moves towards a deeper house side. Eke Armah has managed to combine the (a t) biggrooverecords, www.biggrooverecords.com , youtube Biggroove1. https://www.musicglue.com/biggroove-records/category/merch/

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