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Billionaire Minds Inc

Meet The Company Billionaire Minds Inc

A company that is geared to supporting large and small business owners from around the world
Billionaire Minds Inc is a non profit organization that was formed to bring hope, vision, and mentoring to the underserved communities. Based in Chicago, where violence is at its apex, Billionaire Minds has attempted to take the ingenuity and vision off "the streets" and gear it towards Wall Street!

A company that is geared to supporting large and small business owners from around the world in reaching business goals. How do they help? With multiple programs that will instruct, train, and assist business owners that wish to take their business to the next level. Most of these businesses need assistance with funding and are trying to better the community. 

Client Testimony 

Hear a real life testimony from Grace who has used Billionaire Minds Vacation travel certificates that many have thought, this is just too good to be true. The truth is, many businesses have made these certificates possible to help non profit organizations like Billionaire Minds Inc to receive the funding we need while the donors can save lots of money. Finally, when you give to the community, your giving literally "makes cents". This 7 day resort vacation certificate offered now for a small donation, can save you up to $2100 on your next vacation! These are also great gift items. Billionaire Minds Inc  can personalize them with your company logo or picture!

Helping Underprivileged Youth

Billionaire Minds programs are between the ages of 16-25 and are underprivileged minorities. All support is welcomed as they try to inform and spark the next generation of tomorrow.  To donate or to receive more information about our programs visit: www.run-the-world.info, or email at info@run-the-world.info

Help Support Billionaire Minds with their Fundraiser for 2016 Here

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