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VIsual Marketing Importants

Visual Marketing 

Visual Marketing is Important The creation of websites like YouTube and Khan Academy was made to provide easy to find information that is at the  learning and development community finger tips. The services uses video to easily display information to the learners and online & mobile viewers in a way that is superior to traditional lectures or written literature.

The use of videos is just another form of visual learning and promotion. However, according to LearningEvents  ,90% of all information that the brain receives is visual and our brains process visual information faster than text, 60 000 times faster in fact. In learning and development has caught on to the business world where its potential is clear. SingleGrain states that marketers know the potential video offers to the point that 93 percent of marketing companies use video advertisement which is 600 percents way more effective than both the conventional text and direct mail way of marketing.
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