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Great SEO Report At A Low price

Shabazz Publication  where you can have your voice heard amongst the online community and more through our publishing and advertising strategies. Using are SEO expertise and more to help get heard online. We have over 75 social medias & over a dozen publishing shops. Shabazz Publication will review your site and write a seo report for your website to help you get ahead of your competition. The report has so many perks for only $5 dollars their SEO report service will include but is not limited to:
  • Broken Backlinks 
  • Broken Sitelinks 
  • New & Lost Inbound Links
  • Domain Health
  • Site Ranking 
  • Top Content & Referring Content 
  • New Referring Domains & Lost Referring Domains
  • Tog pages
  • number of backlinks found 
  • number of key words
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FOr more information on  Shabazz publication and how they can assist you with your next project, company or brand visit Shabazz Publication Online Digital Marketing

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