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Shabazz Publication  was started by Jovan Shabazz, a owner of numerous apps and website. He decided start Shabazz Publication  after pursuing his communication degree. Gaining knowledge of SEO, Publication, and Public Relations while also pursuing Marketing Degree. He set out to find like minded individuals that dedicated in help being the voice of the online community. Using the skills set and experience learned from working with and learning from some of the best across the world. He founded Shabazz Publication, a company geared to helping get your business,product , event and more heard amongst the online community through the best online marketing and SEO strategies. Shabazz Publish to their own 8 websites that are engaged with their own specific niche and audience making sure you reach your desired audience. With connections to over 20 other publishing sites and over 75 social media profiles putting them ahead of the competition. Shabazz Publication also wanted to make sure that their services was available to everyone by giving you their experienced service at low price while also giving you the opportunity to negotiate your own price on bigger projects.

The money donated to Shabazz Publication will go to hiring staff, advertisement, and equipement. Helping making more job opportunities in Detroit. Better equipment such as desks, supplies, and computer software to help us get ahead and create the best work environment. Promotion is key for us getting our name face to face and online helping us gain more business opportunities.

Shabazz Publication will deeply appreciate all donations because we are geared to helping small business owners get their voice heard online , helping and creating more jobs and opportunites. Here's the link Shabazz Publication fund

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