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Right Team Right Questions

Get the Right Team Asking the Right Questions

Online marketing genius cannot do this alone that why you hire a team. One person can’t know every aspect of the business, every audience, and every way your company will be perceived by viewers. Soliciting for information is ok buts its not the best way to get organic traffic. You can start with whomever has the most access. Basically someone who has to the ultimate stamp of approval, probably your CEO. This will bring a high insight and link you to the Board, whose distance from everyday operations brings necessary perspective.
The CEO, CFO, and leadership team should survey the entire competitors landscape, to recognize all possible positions.Your team sit in a room (or office), locked the door, and list every tech operating company in the space, then each question we needed to answer, such as:
  •  space look like in 3 to 5 years? Who’ll be around? Who might join?
  • Where do we want our company to be in 3 to 5 years? Why?
  • Who could we partner with to realize our vision?

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