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The Phoenix FlapForce mobile app

Phoenix FlapForce is now available for free on IOS and Android!!!

When it comes to Phoenix FlapForce game app you are the phoenix, the bird with many lives, and a fire force matched with none other creature living or dead. With the Phoenix FlapForce app you will test your skills and bravery to avoid all the obstacles that get even more challenging with each level. While going through each level you collect as many coins as you can, while in the process reviving from your falling ashes to live yet another day. Check out the Phoenix FlapForce app Main Feature:
  • Multiple fun and challenging obstacles to overcome
  • Phoenix FlapForce mode for invincibility
  • Multiple characters to select from 
  • Fun and long lasting addicting adventure

Download Here

Sold by Neon Alien Studios LLC
IOS App store: 
Android Google Play store: 
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