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ENDS Clout
Eatingndastreets Ent has made some new innovations to what was already a unique brand and company. These new additions including a new site design, but a a social media integration called ENDS Clout. ENDS Clout is a online community for music lovers, Dj’s , Artist, Promoters, and Labels to come together. Where you can find everything thats music and make music connections. Artist and labels can promote their music and find collaborations with other artist and inform artist and viewers of upcoming events like concerts and open mic’s. This also give viewers the opportunity to connect with artist from all over and find out about news, music , and updates straight from the artist. Features like creating a group can be used to find artist who wants to collaborate on upcoming projects or to promote events in a certain area no matter the case we put the landscape in front of you to build your own clout!


  • Build profiles
  • Create groups
  • Messaging
  • add & accept friends
  • Post Video’s & Images
  • Activity feeds
  • Notification
  • create a media gallery for friends & viewers to see!
  • Promote events & music free
  • engage with friends

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