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Thoughts of Demetrius Matthews CEO & Founder

Talk with Demetrius Matthews CEO & Founder 

CEO & Founder Demetrius Matthews
Demetrius Founded and is currently the CEO of United Office Solutions & Inc. DBA ItemsRus which is an SDB (Certified by the U.S. Small Business Administration) based in the Twin Cities of MN. The founder Demetrius A. Matthews of United Office Solutions, Inc. envisioned of creating a company that could compete independently at a national level in the business supply industry by providing business products, computer supplies, consumer electronics, fingerprint security systems, and solutions to government agencies and commercial industries at discounted prices.
Their knowledge and excellent purchasing skills allow ItemsRus customers to have great cost savings. Businesses can expect an increase in efficiency and productivity. ItemsRus has these benefits to the following industries, including Government/Non-Profit Agencies, State Agencies, Corporate/Commercial Buyers, Education, and Small Business. In addition to offering flexible payment plans, including Net Terms of 30 days.

Giving back to the community and those who need it most has also been one of Demetrius Passions. Over the years Demetrius has made that he does his part in helping inner city kids as a mentor and Coach. Demetrius A. Matthews help provides training and education in Chicago and Minneapolis inner city youth. Demetrius feels by providing computer training to at-risk youth, youths are given knowledge that can be used to help them succeed in the present and job environments. That is, not just it, Demetrius is a strong contributor to providing resources & donations to those in poverty stricken areas, also providing food to help feed the homeless.

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