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How Michigan is starting to become a ‘3rd world state’

Is The State Of Michigan Going To Allow Itself To Become A 3rd World State

There has been an on going crisis in the state of Michigan, a crisis that tends to be over shadowed. In one of the largest states, which was also a key factor in last year election is allowing a economic downfall. The two cities that had a impact on building the country are now under what we consider a crisis. These two major cities are seeing a economic downfall but also health and security destruction which are all correlated with one another.  

"Detroit’s seen a staggering 140,000 foreclosures in the last decade. Tens of thousands of homes have been left abandoned, turning entire neighborhoods into an urban wasteland. The Obama administration has been pumping billions of dollars into the Motor City in an effort to revive it, and last week the president paid Detroit a visit to see if the federal funding has had any effect." - Vice News

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